Walk In My Shoes (A Walk for Education)

sponsored by Rotary Club of D'Entrecasteaux Channel

Awak Mathok, co-founder of WWBF has decided to walk from Launceston to Margate(approx 210kms) and raise awareness and funds towards our One Tree School Project to help us build a school and train teachers for the most disadvantaged children in the area. Awak will be joined by five students from Sacred Heart College (New Town) and Guilford Young College (Hobart) who are passionate in seeing this project get off the ground and become a reality.

The event will take place on Saturday 24 November 2012, and will start in Launceston Shopping Mall and finish in Margate. The walk is expected to take 8 days to finish.

Break Down:

Day 1 (Saturday 24 November 2012)

  • (A) Launceston to Perth (Tasmania) - 18km.
Day 2 (Sunday 25 November 2012)
  • (B) Perth (Tasmania) to Epping Forrest - 25km.
Day 3 (Monday 26 November 2012)
  • (C) Epping Forest passing through (D) Campbell Town to Ross - 36km.
Day 4 (Tuesday 27 November 2012)
  • (E) Ross to Oatlands - 37km.
Day 5 (Wednesday 28 November 2012)
  • (F) Oatlands to Kempton - 38km.
Day 6 (Thursday 29 November 2012)
  • (G) Kempton to Brighton - 23km.
Day 7 (Friday 30 November 2012)
  • (H) Brighton to Hobart - 25km.
Day 8 (Saturday 01 December 2012)
  • Kingston Beach to Mitre 10 (FORK IN THE ROAD) - 6km.
  • Kingston Dru Point to (J) Brookfield Vineyard, Margate - 3km.
    Finale Function will be held at Brookfield Vineyard, Margate 1:30PM - 5:00PM

Reason behind the Fundraising:
South Sudan has recently become independent on the 9 July 2011 after more than 20 years of the latest civil war. The country's illiteracy rate is 90%, the highest in the world. The people in the country are eager to learn but there are not enough resources and many classes are taken under trees and do not continue when it rains. One Tree School Project is aiming to build school in a remote area in Tuele Boma, Panok Payam in the state of Warrap, one of the ten states in the country of South Sudan.

Target for this event:
We are hoping to raise at least $10,000 in this event. We are inviting any individuals and companies to generously assist if possible.

We have contacted Tasmania Police and are in the process of contacting ambulance services (St. John) for emergency services during the course of the walk. All the participants have been doing exercises and will shortly see physiotherapy for advice of specific exercises.

How to donate:

All donations can be made via internet banking or direct deposit into our dedicated bank account for the One Tree School Project.

Account Name: Rotary Club of D'Entrecasteaux Channel
Bank: Bendigo Adelaide Bank
BSB: 633-108
Account Number: 144485505

Please enter your name in the "Description Field" when donating.

Alternatively a cheque can be sent to:

Rotary Club of D'Entrecastreaux
P.O. Box 568
Tasmania 7051

A very appreciative thank you for your generous support.






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